Check List

Is the Funeral Director a small company?

Our size allows us to offer genuine personal service and total flexibility with all arrangements.

Are they locally owned?

We are the only locally owned Funeral Directors located on the south side of the ACT.

Is the Professional Service fee quoted all inclusive?

We are proud of our all-inclusive burial packages and cremation packages. GST is included in all our pricing, not added at the end.

Is the transfer cost included in the Professional Service fee?

24 hours / 7 days we will transfer back into our care at NO additional fee.

Is a viewing included in the Professional Service fee?

7 days we offer the opportunity for families to visit their loved ones at NO additional fee.

Does the Funeral Director promote environmentally friendly options?

We were the first Funeral Director in the ACT to offer the LifeArt Enviroboard range of coffins.

Does information sent out include pictures and prices of the coffins?

An honest approach ensures that families are given all information up front (inclusive of delivery and GST) so that an informed decision can be made.

Does the company ask for money upfront or a deposit?

We DO NOT ask for any money to be paid on or before the day of the service. Our client families are given 21 days to settle an account.

Can the service be conducted on a weekend?

Our staff are available 7 days.

Will the Funeral Director come to our home and sit down with our family?

We will meet with a family at a time and place that suits them 7 days a week at NO additional fee.

Are National Industry Standards and regulations adhered to?

Toscan Dinn Funerals is a fully Accredited Member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association.

Is all mortuary care offered by a qualified person?

Toscan Dinn Funerals has both male and female embalmers, who are fully accredited members of the Australian Institute of Embalming.

Will the phone always be answered by a local staff member here in Canberra?

We DO NOT send our phones to an interstate Call Centre after hours.