Eco-Coffins and Timber Coffins

Toscan Dinn Funerals is proud to be the leader in introducing enviroboard coffins to the A.C.T. We have worked hard to ensure that Canberrans can choose between cardboard (enviroboard) or traditional timber coffins when arranging a funeral.

Enviroboard Coffins (cardboard):

Environmentally friendly made from recycled material, can be decorated by the family in a variety of ways and come in a range of patterns and prints.

  • Abundant Roses
  • Australian Cedar
  • Blue Horizon
  • Bright Blooms
  • Egyptian
  • Lifeart Canvas
  • Natural
  • Newzeland Silver Fern
  • Open Road
  • Piano
  • pink-flourish
  • Red Myrtle
  • River Red Gum
  • Stately Tree
  • True Blue
  • West Tigers

Traditional Timber:

Materials range from particleboard, custom wood or solid timbers.

Image of some flowers