Pre-Paid Funeral Plan vs Funeral Insurance

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan…

  • The cost of the funeral is fixed
  • Your money is invested in your name, for your future, at arms length from Toscan Dinn Funerals
  • After 3 years there is nothing more to pay
  • Domestic travel insurance is available to cover any cost in returning to Canberra for your funeral
  • All your wishes and requests are recorded
  • A $6000 funeral at today’s prices will only ever cost you $6000

Funeral Insurance…

  • The cost of the funeral continues to go up until age 91 years
  • You will only get a payout, if you have kept up ALL your regular payments
  • After 10 years, if you stop paying you own nothing
  • There are no additional travel services available
  • All decisions and request regarding your funeral service are still left undone
  • A pay out benefit of $6,000 can cost up to $64,000 by age 91
A photo of Peter & Melissa Dinn